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Protect sensitive electronics and components with our anti-static and conductive foam.

Dissipates Static Charge

Our ESD foams prevent static buildup that can damage electronics. The open-cell structure allows charges to safely dissipate.

Customisable Shapes and Sizes

We can fabricate ESD foam in almost any shape and density to fit your packaging needs. From sheets to intricate small parts.

Meets Industry Standards 

Our ESD foams are tested to proven industry standards such as ESD S20.20 to ensure effective static control.

Custom ESD Foam Packaging Solutions

At Peregrine MLS, we provide quality ESD foam products to help protect sensitive electrical components and devices from electrostatic discharge during shipping and storage. Our open-cell anti-static foam materials safely dissipate static charges to prevent damaging build-up.

We offer a range of ESD-safe foams to meet various packaging needs. Our anti-static polyethylene foam sheets and rolls can be precision CNC machined to match the exact shape and size of products requiring protection. For more rigid cushioning, we provide conductive PVC and polyurethane foams in higher densities, also CNC machined to custom specifications. All our ESD foams are tested to industry standards for proven static control.

With years of experience, Peregrine MLS understands the importance of proper ESD protection. Our anti-static and dissipative foams not only provide static control but also cushioning and shock absorption. Contact Peregrine MLS today to discuss your ESD packaging needs and have foam materials precision CNC machined to fit your specific components and devices.

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