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Custom Made Air Intake Protection

Custom Inlet Blockers

Designed & Manufactured to your requirements.

CNC & Design Experts

Decades of experience working with all types of materials.

In-House UK Supplier

All works completed by in-house team & tailored pricing.

Contoured Air Inlet Blockers

Peregrine MLS offers custom-fit foam air intake blockers for your vehicle. Our advanced CNC machines guarantee a precise fit, keeping your air intake system protected from debris and ensuring clean, dry air flow.


With a variety of materials and colours to choose from, and the option for custom design and engraving, you can personalize your air intake blocker to suit your style.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance

Intake colours available:

The Detail:

Foam Material: Plastazote LD33 - Superior Closed Cell

  • Plastazote® is the provided trade name for a specific close cell compound that is cross-linked to Polyethylene foam. This compound is part of the Azote family, along with Evazote® and Supazote®.

  • Due to being totally inert and acid free, Plastazote® also provides an ideal solution when it comes to packaging. It offers a secure fit and brilliant protection to certain valuable items that could potentially be subject to damage.

  • If Plastazote® Foam is compressed or squashed, it bounces back to its original shape. This ability to recover repeatedly from impacts means that it has come to be frequently used as body protection and helmet lining for most contact and extreme sports.

Alternative Speciality Protection Services
What to expect:
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