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Foam Handling / Storage Trays

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5S Tool Shadow Foams

Foam trays are not only beneficial for safe handling and storage but also align with the principles of 5S and Lean methodologies. By incorporating foam trays into your organisation's processes, you can enhance efficiency, organisation, and waste reduction.

The 5S methodology focuses on creating a visual workplace that promotes cleanliness, organisation, and standardisation. Foam trays contribute to this by providing designated spaces for tools, components, or products, allowing for easy identification and reducing search time. This organisation improves workflow and eliminates clutter, enabling smoother operations and reducing the chances of errors or misplaced items.

In Lean manufacturing, eliminating waste is a key principle. Foam trays contribute to waste reduction by maximising part density. With foam trays, you can utilise space effectively, optimising the storage of items within cases, totes, or containers. This efficient use of space minimises unnecessary movement, reduces the need for excess packaging, and eliminates wasted time searching for items.

Furthermore, foam trays offer flexibility and adaptability, allowing for easy adjustments and modifications to accommodate changes in processes or product variations. This aligns with the continuous improvement aspect of Lean methodologies, enabling your organisation to adapt and optimise processes as needed.

By integrating foam trays into your operations, you can support 5S and Lean principles, leading to improved organisation, increased productivity, waste reduction, and a more efficient and streamlined workplace.

Foam colours available:

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The Detail:

Foam Protection: Plastazote LD33 - Superior Closed Cell

  • Plastazote® is the provided trade name for a specific close cell compound that is cross-linked to Polyethylene foam. This compound is part of the Azote family, along with Evazote® and Supazote®.

  • Due to being totally inert and acid free, Plastazote® also provides an ideal solution when it comes to packaging. It offers a secure fit and brilliant protection to certain valuable items that could potentially be subject to damage.

  • If Plastazote® Foam is compressed or squashed, it bounces back to its original shape. This ability to recover repeatedly from impacts means that it has come to be frequently used as body protection and helmet lining for most contact and extreme sports.

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