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Supply Chain Visibility for Your Valuables

Proactive Monitoring

Sensors track critical parameters like temperature, shocks and tampering.

Real-Time Tracking

Integrated wireless beacon enables location monitoring anywhere in the world.

Data Insights

Cloud platform provides actionable visibility to optimise logistics and quality.

See More, Worry Less

Peregrine's Smart Protective Flight Cases provide invaluable supply chain visibility and product monitoring capabilities. An integrated wireless beacon allows real-time tracking of the case's location globally.

Sensors inside the case monitor temperature, humidity, shocks, orientation and unauthorised opening. This data identifies potential product damage or loss. It is uploaded to a cloud-based platform, enabling access from anywhere via website dashboard and API integration.


By tracking each case's condition throughout transit, you can closely monitor product quality and prevent revenue losses. Gain data-driven insights to optimise logistics and ensure end-to-end protection for your valuables.

Custom Flight case
Custom Flight case

Key Features:

  • Real-time location tracking via integrated wireless beacon

  • Sensors monitor temperature, shocks, tampering and more

  • Cloud platform for actionable visibility anytime, anywhere

  • Hourly updates during transit*

  • Customised monitoring based on your SLA

  • Prevent damage, loss and revenue leakage

*Where coverage/cellular connection permits*

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