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Bespoke foam protection to ensure your items are safe, visible & secure.

Custom Packaging/Cases

Flight Cases, 5S Shadow Foams, Packaging Inserts, Air Inlet Blockers and more.

CNC & Design Experts

Decades of experience working with all types of materials.

In-House UK Supplier

All works completed by in-house team & tailored pricing.


Peregrine MLS design & manufacture high quality, bespoke speciality-made foam protection solutions from a wide range of foam materials. We use high performance, durable polyethylene / 5S shadow foams at a range of densities and colours for use in flight cases, packaging inserts and air inlet blockers. 

Peregrine has in-house CAD experts that can support our customers by offering an on-site design service. We can reverse engineer solutions so that the design meets exacting requirements, this can often involve obtaining dimensions without the need for removing tooling or components from a customer site. Many of our products are used to send highly critical equipment in flight cases to the racetrack, ensuring that the components are fully protected in transit. 

We focus on helping our customers to lay out the components, so that they are designed with the assembler in mind. This can really help drive efficiency into assembly processes, by ensuring the assembly operator spends as little time as possible looking for and moving to components as part of the build process. Our background in Lean Manufacturing sets us apart in these processes, we have the practical experience of setting up processes so that they can be the most efficient possible, ensuring that there is no avoidable wasted time moving components around in a build sequence.  

custom foam insert
Speciality Protection Services Include:

More information on Custom Protection for your business

Customisable Protection Solutions:

At Peregrine MLS, we believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to custom protection solutions. That's why we offer fully customisable protection solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require bespoke foam inserts for packaging delicate items, 5S shadow foam for your tooling requirements or custom built flight cases for your international movements, we can create a solution that works for you.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques:

Our custom protection solutions are manufactured using advanced techniques that ensure a high level of precision and accuracy. We use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed 3D models of your product, which are then used to program our state-of-the-art CNC cutting equipment. This allows us to cut materials to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection for your product.

Durable and Long-lasting:

We understand that your products and tooling need to be protected during transport and storage, which is why we use high-quality foam materials that are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. Our foam protection solutions are durable and long-lasting, which means you can trust them to protect your products for years to come.

Expert Guidance and Support:

At Peregrine MLS, we pride ourselves on providing expert guidance and support to our clients. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will work with you to understand your specific needs and provide recommendations for the best foam protection solution for your product. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your foam protection solution continues to meet your needs over time.

Cost-effective Solutions:

We understand that cost is an important consideration for many businesses. That's why we offer cost-effective foam protection solutions that don't compromise on quality. Our advanced manufacturing techniques and customisable solutions mean we can create a product that meets your needs while keeping costs low.

In summary, Peregrine MLS is the ideal partner for businesses seeking bespoke foam protection solutions. Our advanced manufacturing techniques, customisable solutions, and expert guidance and support make us a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to discuss your foam protection needs and learn how we can help protect your products.


Sourcing Custom Protection that match your requirements for your business

Peregrine MLS can offer your business all the benefits of our extensive experience in manufacturing bespoke foam protection solutions, including tool control foam and other specialized Plastazote® polyethylene foam inserts and products.

When you partner with Peregrine MLS, you will be assigned a knowledgeable and experienced advisor and design expert who will guide you through the entire foam design and production process to ensure that your exact requirements are met.

What to expect:
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