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The Latest Addition To Our Machinery: Brand New Aberlink Axiom Too CNC CMM

The latest addition to our machinery is a brand new Aberlink Axiom Too CNC CMM (and a happy 30th Anniversary to Aberlink Ltd too!), complete with a fully motorised Renishaw PH10T probe head. The CAD Comparison software gives us the ability to program from a solid model prior to a component reaching our inspection department; reducing the time taken for first off’s, inevitably resulting in shorter lead times for our customers.

CMM’s are vital for ensuring consistent and accurate dimensional checking across the variety of products we make. It helps us keep the quality we’re known for, whilst upping the speed in which we can produce complex components. 

This Aberlink will predominantly be used for inspecting sub contract components for motorsport, aerospace and defence sectors as well as internal products and we look forward to utilising all aspects of the Axiom Too.


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