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Peregrine MLS Spearheads Automated Winding Innovation Through New Partnership

British engineering firm Peregrine MLS is pioneering automated winding solutions through an exciting new partnership with McLaren Applied and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), backed by Innovate UK funding.

The 18-month Project SWAG (Superior Windings for Alternators and Generators) will develop processes to automate high-performance stator winding across McLaren Applied's full range of alternator products. Currently, Peregrine utilises highly skilled manual winding techniques to produce stators for McLaren's high-performance alternators. This process is time-consuming, costly, and limits scalability and output.

By combining Peregrine's expertise in precision hand-winding with McLaren Applied's leading alternator designs and WMG's supply chain experience, we will redefine manufacturing efficiency through automation. Peregrine will adapt its winding methods while McLaren Applied provides alternator prototypes and specifications. WMG will identify UK suppliers to deliver the machinery and technology needed for automated winding trials.

"As of today, building high-performance motorsport alternators is an intricate, labour-intensive process, restricting product output and scalability," said Christopher Reid, Managing Director at Peregrine. "We are delighted to have won this competitive funding enabling us to research transforming our winding process. By collaborating with renowned leaders McLaren Applied and WMG, we can pioneer innovations that will revolutionise the future of efficient, sustainable automotive production."

Automated winding will allow ultra-high precision windings and superior power density, unlocking new performance capabilities. This creates opportunities across motorsport, aerospace, automotive, marine, and beyond. Project SWAG demonstrates how strategic partnerships between industry and academia can drive technological progress.

Peregrine MLS is honoured to be at the forefront, combining our expertise with visionary collaborators to embed advanced capabilities, enhance productivity and keep Britain globally competitive. We are proud to be accelerating UK innovation in electric motor and alternator manufacturing.


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