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Peregrine is off to Lake Como!

We’re very excited to see Peregrine products make their way to the stunning waters of Lake Como, as the E1 Series announces a new addition to the 2024 calendar. 

With nine teams vying to become Champions of the Water, we’re proud to have been keeping the incredibly high-spec RaceBird equipment safe and sound as it makes its way around the world. 

Our custom-fit flight cases are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail; this is key to ensuring the contents are protected from damage, shock and environmental hazards during transport and storage. 

Our wide range of customisation options came into play to meet the specific needs of E1. With varied sizes and shapes required, our team worked closely with the series to find the perfect fit for their equipment. 

Precision is the cornerstone of our custom protective case manufacturing processes, which makes them the perfect solution for a brand which looks as slick, and features the highest spec equipment, as the E1 Series does.


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