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Our work with Purple Sector

Here's a bit more info on the data logging solution, which we designed and created for PurpleSector - and it was brilliant to see it on show at the Seawork exhibition last week!

The data logging solution was an great showcase for Peregrine, combining our expertise in electro-mechanical design and manufacturing solutions. 

We started from a proto-type design and customer brief, worked through design development to extract requirements and system architecture. After this our in-house team worked to produce engineering and manufacturing documentation to allow series production of the final product. 

In this project we used expertise in embedded electronics and mechanical design for the complex multi-channel datalogger. From the electronic side we worked to produce a safe reliable design and manufacturing test procedures. The mechanical team worked on the key brief to make the product rugged and water-proof to IP67. Peregrine’s factory in Alton then work to quickly source and build the complete solution for delivery to the end customer.


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