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New Integrex i-300

Peregrine MLS are happy to announce the arrival of our brand new state of the art

5-Axis Integrex.

The Integrex i-300 advanced Multi-Tasking machine delivers maximum versatility, high precision and throughput for complex parts. It combines the capabilities of a high-powered turning center and full-function machining center to produce parts in single setups. This machine configuration works to minimize fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut time.

Machine Capabilities:

  • Milling spindle travel -30 ~ 210 degrees (.0001 degree min index angle)

  • 20k RPM (15 HP) milling spindle

  • Full C-axis contouring (.0001 degree minimum index)

  • Programmable NC Tailstock

  • 36-tool ATC standard ( HSK A63 )

For more information about how our Integrex i-300 can assist you in your precision manufacturing requirements, please feel free to contact us today.

Call: 01420 557 606



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