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Bespoke Packaging Case Study.

Our client was seeking a method for controlling turbine support parts and a work space solution during setup and changeover.

Challenged with working within a confined work space within their gas stand facility, the time pressured test engineers would have to identify testing parts that were a very similar specification and bundled together in a single container. Parts were mixed up and risked being damaged or misplaced. Identifying the correct parts relied on experience and attention to detail to choose correctly.

Working with the test engineering team, we separated the pile of test parts, categorising to the required operating procedures. Then, using our CAD software, we designed the layout of parts in sequential order to match the setup activities.

From our approved suppliers we selected the smallest and most suitable storage cases to fit our machined polyethylene foam.

The results of this cost effective and bespoke space saving solution ensured the new setup and put-away process is totally controlled, eliminates any possibility of cross contamination and potential damage to expensive parts. Minimising downtime and maximising testing time.

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