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ANNOUNCEMENT: Strategic Partnership

The Directors of Peregrine-MLS are pleased to announce a cooperation with KPMC for Business Development Consultancy services. Kevin Morris, an experienced Business Development consultant will join the team at Peregrine-MLS with immediate effect to lead the promotion of the company and new business directives.

Managing Director Chris Reid adds "whilst we are a relatively new company, we have a huge amount of experience across our very talented team, but up to now we have not communicated that fully. It's time to change that and having Kevin

on-board with his experience and contacts, it's the perfect opportunity to start getting the message of our capabilities out to a wider audience."

Speaking about the cooperation, Kevin Morris suggests that "this is an exciting time for Peregrine as they have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, and have a team of people dedicated to delivering on time quality products at competitive prices. Now it's time to progress with the business development strategy, and I am looking forward to working with everyone at Peregrine".


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