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Advancing Excellence: Peregrine MLS Ltd. Invests in Mazak i300 AWC for Manufacturing Centre

We are extremely excited to announce that as we continue with our investment in #ukmanufacturing, we have officially handed over a purchase order to Mazak Europe for a state-of-the-art fully automated 5-axis machine to be introduced to our manufacturing centre of excellence.

This ongoing investment in automating our manufacturing processes enables us to offer consistent high-quality products as well as the ability to produce at a more competitive cost. This has already resulted in allowing our current customers to #onshore with Peregrine MLS Ltd.

The Mazak i300 AWC is designed purely for 24/7 running. Capable of holding 350mm

diameter by 510mm, the machine boasts a capacity of 32 pallets, a 700-litre swarf management system and a modular 205 tool carousel.

The additional flexibility given to us by utilising a pallet changer allows us to run any configuration of 32 pallets, whether it’s individual jobs or a full component set. Completely unmanned!

We are looking to have this fully commissioned and available to customers by the middle of February 2024.


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