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Fly Fisher Case

The Fly Fisher Box combines versatility with durability. This premium bespoke fishing box is protected by the legendary NANUK durability - combined with protective Plastazote LD33 Shadow Foam, the Fly Fisher range offers complete protection for all your tackle/tooling requirements, even in the harshest of environments.

Your Fly Fisher box can be designed to your personal specification and is built to last, it will keep your contents protected even in rough sailing conditions.

5S Tool Shadow Foams are similar to foam case inserts but, by using layers of different coloured foams, it allows you to quickly see whether a specific tool or item is missing. The inserts are made to fit your tackle/tooling snug, preventing any damage from transit. This can help improve productivity as fishers do not head out on site without all of the required tackle. They also prevent expensive kit becoming lost on site. 

The Fly Fisher range includes 2 levels of bespoke foam base inserts & 1 foam lid bonded to the ceiling of each NANUK case, for all your spools and/or reels.

If you have any bespoke design requirements, the Peregrine digital design team can assist you and add/remove any tooling you require.

Foam Colours Available: 

Untitled design (20).png
Untitled design (22).png

The Detail:

Box Range: NANUK 960

  • The Nanuk 960 Case is a Waterproof Case and is IP67 Rated  (Submersion at 3ft for 30 min). The waterproof seal is designed to resist deformation and fatigue, ensuring a long lasting watertight seal. All NANUK 960 cases are ideal for applications such as search and rescue, marine transportation / storage and diving. 

  • Interior dimensions L559mm x W432mm x H328mm

Foam Protection: Plastazote LD33 - Superior Closed Cell

  • Plastazote® is the provided trade name for a specific close cell compound that is cross-linked to Polyethylene foam. This compound is part of the Azote family, along with Evazote® and Supazote®.

  • Due to being totally inert and acid free, Plastazote® also provides an ideal solution when it comes to packaging. It offers a secure fit and brilliant protection to certain valuable items that could potentially be subject to damage.

  • If Plastazote® Foam is compressed or squashed, it bounces back to its original shape. This ability to recover repeatedly from impacts means that it has come to be frequently used as body protection and helmet lining for most contact and extreme sports.

  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any product/service

  • Impartial advice from UK based experts

  • Competitive pricing and full design customisation options

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