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Peregrine at MIA EMMS24: Showcasing Project SWAG

We’re looking forward to attending MIA EMMS24 on Tuesday to showcase our Innovate SWAG project. We’ll also be listening to some fantastic talks, and meeting many industry leaders.

Taking place at the British Motor Museum this year, it’s an incredible opportunity for Peregrine to add to the rich tapestry of British Manufacturing History.

Project SWAG sees Peregrine pioneer automated winding solutions, through our exciting partnership with McLaren Applied and Warwick Manufacturing Group, backed by Innovate UK funding.

Kevin Morris and Robert Pigott will be attending from Peregrine and they welcome opportunities to talk about our products and services. Grab either of them at our showcase stand or meet up for a coffee at any point in the proceedings.

Anyone wanting to connect before the event can do so by contacting KM BIZ DEV ON 07790 722327 or


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